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I Wish I'd Bought It With Klarna

I Wish I'd Bought It With Klarna

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In Sight

Tom Ryan is a UK based composer with clients across the globe. Working in film, advertising, gaming and online TV, he is making a unique contribution.


Tom’s clients include a global provider of financial services (Europe’s biggest fintech institution, Klarna), with whom he worked to produce the theme music for its first worldwide marketing campaign. Inspired by the challenge to compose within different cultural settings and formats, he has scored shorts for clients in Australia, US, Canada, Columbia and Europe (Netherlands and the UK). These include the award winning  ‘Refuge’ (Film Shortage Daily Pick). In addition Tom led the sound and music teams on an Amazon Prime feature sold at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019.

Tom’s work also has huge global reach, listened to by 100s of Millions on the music he has scored, with bespoke compositions for Web series, such as the viral show JonTron. Add his scoring for the award winning SwipeScape mobile game and traditional orchestal animation scores for Hazbin Hotel and Holidaze, Tom’s versatility is evident.

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